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About Brandermill

Brandermill is a suburban residential and commercial community in the south part of Richmond, Va. This suburb has a population of 13,836 and is in Chesterfield County. Brandermill is located near Midlothian, Virginia which is at the southern terminus of the Powhite Parkway and which is then centered on the Swift Creek Reservoir. 

Brandermill takes pride in its diverse and various selection of architectural styles throughout 80 distinctive neighborhoods. Brandermill is an award-winning community that also allows easy access to any Richmond area destination and features. Due to its many diverse architectural styles, here, you may easily find a suitable home that is fit for your preferred lifestyle. 

Through this peaceful and fun community, you may drive through, take a stroll, or ride a bike for 15 miles of trails, play a round of golf, and enjoy a concert or dinner along the lake. It is indeed an enjoyable place in which almost 14,000 people appreciate and decide to make this place their home. There are also a bunch of entertaining and delightful events to be held at Brandermill.

One of the most popular and best things to do in Brandermill is boating. Paddle Boats, sailboats, paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, Jon boats, and trolling motors can be rented by members. People can choose to relax, take a break from stressful stuff and enjoy the calm nature by fishing, while some may prefer fun and exciting events such as bass fishing tournaments that are usually held on the reservoir in the spring and fall.

There are also pools. These pools are open to people of all ages, not to mention, they also have some smiling lessons. They also conduct fun, special activities, and events that are available for all ages, even children. People can enjoy their weekends or day-offs by relaxing around the pool or joining and doing recreational activities in the pool.

If you’re with your family, why not visit the park? The parks, picnic pavilions, and playgrounds are open for family gatherings. Relaxing and bonding with your kids on a Sunday afternoon may be fun. Picnics are even available. Sunday Park is a child-friendly park that is also one of Brandermill’s most treasured locations. Children may enjoy swings, slides, and jungle-gyms at the Sunday Park Playground.

Is Brandermill A Good Place To Live?

Brandermill is actually considered one of the best places to live in Virginia. Not only are there a lot of restaurants and parks in Brandermill, but there are also highly rated public schools. In fact, many young professionals and retirees live here and tend to go for a conservative lifestyle.

When Was Brandermill Built?

The county approval of Brandermill in Chesterfield was approved in 1974, construction then began in 1975.

How Big Is Brandermill?

Considering the overall size of the whole community adds up to 2,800 acres. The lots that are reserved for residential buildings are more or less 3,700, the commercial properties being 450 acres, and the completed residences being 3,673.

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