Family Things To Do In Richmond Va This Weekend


It may come as a surprise to most people, but Richmond Va is actually one of the oldest cities to be found in all of America. Not only is the place the capital city of Virginia, but Richmond’s place in U.S. history is also distinct. America’s origin can be observed simply by taking a quick stroll past monuments or an icon central. 

Not only is the city of Richmond abundant in history, but it is also a wonderful city that has lots of art, nature parks, exquisite restaurants, and kid-friendly entices many families to come and take a visit. Here is a list of fun destinations and things to do in Richmond even with family and kids:

William Byrd Park

The park is also sometimes simply called Bryd Park, and it is the most popular park in Virginia, with a size spanning more than 200 acres. Of course, what’s better for family outings than having a relaxing bonding with them and your children in a safe, family-friendly park. This huge park has a bunch of scenic trails, monuments, three small lakes, an amphitheater, tennis courts, and basic facilities like restrooms and picnic areas.

Visiting this wonderful park gives people, whether it’s friends or family, some time to enjoy themselves where they can play fun games on the grassy lawn. If simply relaxing in the lovely park is not enough, then why not enjoy the nature and atmosphere by doing activities such as throwing a ball around, catching frisbees, or playing tag or catch. Parks are always the best choice for bonding, in fact, this certain park has its own tennis court for you to play in.

When it comes to summer, you may bring your family and have fun going on pedal boat rides at Fountain Lake, a popular lake in Byrd Park. Having these lakes only extends the possibilities of activities to perform. You can teach your children how to cast a line and catch fish. Since this park is open to all ages, even a simple walk through the paved paths can be enjoyed if you are traveling with a baby in a stroller.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

This beautiful 50-acre garden offers some of the most amazing landscapes, library cafes, tea house restaurants, and a conservatory. Even with that, there are at least 11 sites you can explore. Even with all the advancements, youngsters are experiencing today, one thing that never changes is the beauty of nature. You can take your kids and let them immerse themselves in this gorgeous garden as they do some fun activities.

The garden is open for all ages, even children can take on the Kid Quest where your little ones will fill out a pamphlet as you explore the Fairy Forest on the tree trail. There is also some storytime for the kids to listen to. There is even a children’s garden, where they can climb a mulberry tree, a butterfly meadow, a farm garden, where they can plant fruits and vegetables, and a waterplay, where your kids can splash around on the splash pad and water sprays.

It’s no doubt that not only will kids enjoy these various attractions, but even adults would enjoy them. With the conservatory, also known as the highlight of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, even adults can enjoy the sight of thousands of exotic and rare plants from all over the world. It is simply a fun experience for all ages, perfect for family outings.

The Virginia Museum Of History And Culture

It has been well established that Richmond has an abundance of history. This museum, The Virginia Museum of History and Culture, has been established in the year 1831 and since then, has always had the largest display of Virginian artifacts. If you would like to learn more about Virginia or have the trip a bit more educational, then this is the best place to visit.

Some people may not see the beauty and wonders of Virginia history and culture, but that is no reason not to visit. Some of the many exhibits shown here are the Landscapes of Virginia, which include 21 breathtaking landscape paintings of different places in Virginia, and the Story of Virginia, which depicts 16,000 years of this state’s rich history.

Not to mention, the place is also quite versatile, if kids would get bored with the wide collection of Virginian artifacts, like maps, paintings, manuscripts, weapons, postcards, photographs from the 19th century, sheet music, genealogical materials, and so much more other items to be amazed of. Aside from that, if the child is still unsatisfied with the museum, then there is also the storytelling that your children may enjoy.

Breakout Games

These thrilling escape games are surely a hit for this generation’s youngsters. Even if you are with relatives or simply with family, these games are always a great way to bond and cooperate with them, as well as enjoy the time. These games may work especially well if the children are teens since even if their tastes are relatively complicated, the curiosity of escape games is always stronger. 

Breakout Games are quite famous in the U.S. and they even have their own branch in Richmond. The particular Breakout Games in Richmond features five rooms that you may choose from. These choices include the Undercover Alley, Do Not Disturb, The Kidnapping, Museum Heist, and Operation: Casino. These escape games are a fun experience where you may work together to solve puzzles and try to escape before time runs out.

Some quick outlook would be, the Undercover Alley in which you would unlock the secrets of this dark alley and stop the Syndicate before they pull off their next attack on Breakout City. The Do Not Disturb in which you are caught by the kidnapper and try to escape, The Kidnapping where you are handcuffed in a room and must escape in time. Museum Heist where your mission is to find stolen art and escape before time runs out. And the Operation: Casino where you must locate the missing undercover agent in this Casino-based escape room.

Triangle Rock Club

Indeed, when going on a trip with kids, it is a classic to visit facilities that offer exciting activities for children to enjoy, and the Triangle Rock Club is one such facility. This place is only the second-largest climbing facility in Virginia that also provides many activities and programs, like fitness and yoga classes, rock climbing, and various youth programs for children and even adults may enjoy. Whether it’s with family, relatives, or a group of friends, these fun activities can never go wrong.

The youth programs are great for any children or children at heart to practice their climbing and participate in some interactive climbing games. Although climbing is usually looked upon as dangerous, that is not necessarily the case. There would be a harness that is attached to you or the kids and instructors will be carefully watching over you or the children.

Maybe even if there are no children, you can sign up for yoga or fitness classes and have a bit of some relaxation time. There would be nine yoga classes to choose from and seven fitness classes that offer a wide array of choices, depending on what you want to focus on. Of course, this facility is open to children aged 4 and above, even for adults.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Speaking of entertaining facilities that provide exciting activities, there is also the Sky Zone Trampoline Park that has around 22 different fun things, such as dodgeball, foam zone, a ninja warrior course, and many more to choose from. This place will create many experiences and memories that you and your kids would always go back to and remember. 

The place has the famous Ultimate Dodgeball attraction, in which you and your family or friends will get to play a classic, but exciting game of dodgeball as they jump on trampolines. Then there is also the Ninja Warrior Course, which is perfect for your group to go through a course that will test their speed, strength, and agility.

The fun doesn’t end there, there are other numerous fun things you can try, like going through obstacles, playing basketball, jumping into the foam zone, climbing suspended ladders, and so much more. If some adults are worried about their kids and are too anxious to send their kids to such an extreme place, then do not worry. 

The previously mentioned activities would be extreme for very young children, especially toddlers, that is what Toddler Time is for. This place is where your little ones can have fun in a less extreme environment as they safely bounce around. Since Sky Zone Trampoline Park is open for all ages, although Toddler Time is only for toddlers aged 2 and below as well as their guardians.


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