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About Glen Allen

Glenn Allen, Virginia, is located in Henrico County, Virginia, United States, considered as a  census-designated place, the population was 14,774 as of the 2010 census. Glenn Allen, Va is also considered a suburb of the Richmond metro area. The place measures up to a total area of 8.86 square miles, and of which 8.79 square miles are land and 0.069 square miles is water. 

Even with Richmond’s numerous suburbs, Glenn Allen is still one of the most appreciated locations in Richmond for its bountiful amenities and great quality education. Glenn Allen is especially famous for lots of families to appreciate, with its relaxed pace, and abundance of both urban conveniences and natural spaces. This place certainly caters and is a great environment for raising a family. 

Glenn Allen boasts lots of parks and green areas in which not only can families have fun and bond together, but also for people to relax and enjoy the nature-esque feeling of the place. It also has 75-degree summers, paired with a gentle breeze, creating a perfect, relaxing, and strolling temperature. 

A perfect trail for a stroll would be the nature trail at Echo Lake Park. Some people may also prefer taking thrilling and exciting activities, then the Laurel Recreation & Skate Park may very well be a great option for you. If the families are worried their youthful children would get bored and have nothing to do, Henrico County is also home to over 60 associations for youth sports.

Good food can always please anyone. You wouldn’t have to be a foodie or food expert to enjoy and appreciate the good food Glen Allen has to offer. Lots of people seem to prefer classic American dining if you’re up and craving for something new, there are all sorts of cuisines available for any palettes, these include Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Mediterranean.

As mentioned, Glenn Allen is quite known for its plentiful amenities. Easily accessible local stores, big businesses, museums, spas, golf courses, and other facilities can be found in Glen Allen. There are The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen which mixes literary, visual, and performing arts, and the  Meadow Farm, which gives visitors a portrait of rural life just before the Civil War.

Is Glen Allen VA A Good Place To Live?

Glenn Allen is considered one of the best places to live in Virginia. Not only does it have a nice atmosphere, great facilities, and locations, as well as highly rated education, it is essentially an environment perfect for families.

What Is Glen Allen VA Known For?

Glenn Allen is actually known for being a great residence with a stable housing market. Richmond can sometimes have that busy, noisy, city vibe, so for those that appreciate a more calm, quiet estate that is only a 13-mile commute away from the city, then Glenn Allen is for you. 

Is Glen Allen A Safe Neighborhood?

Glenn Allen has a 1 in 1,291 or 0.77 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime, which is lower than the 1 in 481 or 2.08 average chances of Virginia.

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