How To Know When It’s Time For Richmond Tree Removal

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Trees are always important for any property. They not only make your yard look more pleasing to the eyes, but they also provide numerous other benefits for us and our land. As you take your time and keep taking care of your trees as they grow up, you can’t help but feel something for these plants you have been taking care of. 

Some would naturally find it hard to put down the tree they made memories with, while others may find it difficult or bothersome. But if nothing is done, the tree could most likely endanger its surroundings, not only possibly dropping branches on the property but also potentially falling on you or someone else. In which case, you can always leave this dangerous job at the hands of a professionally trained arborist. 

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Although most of the time, you are not able to determine if it’s time for a tree to go just by using your gut feelings, there are many indications that you can see to clearly determine when is the right time. By considering the following, you should be able to exactly determine the signs when it’s properly the time to cut down a tree on your property.

  • Fungus

One of the easiest things to spot in order to determine that your tree could already be slowly dying is the fungus-like mushrooms growing at the bottom of the trunk of your tree, close to the roots. This doesn’t only mean your tree may be dying, but it also makes the tree structurally unstable. Do note that even if you notice some moss from your tree they are not much of a problem. 

  • Root Rot

Root problems are one of the biggest problems for trees. The roots are the tree’s foundation, if it has any sort of damage, it could cause the tree to fall over and possibly cause excessive damage. Holes and dips within the lawn could be a sign of root rot. Mushrooms also appear on dead roots since they are decomposed for fuel.

  • Falling Branches

Small branches may fall here and there, but when larger branches start to fall, it may be a sign that the tree is having a hard time. Dying trees typically drop the dead parts in order to realign their remaining energy into the healthier parts that are still alive. You may not find small branches falling as much of a problem, but larger tree branches falling could cause more property damage to your home or even your vehicles. 

Large branches falling is a big indication that you should call for some assistance and removal for your tree’s future. You should call for a professional since falling branches may not always mean that your tree is dying. There could be other problems with your tree or simple reasons why branches are falling. And professionals may be able to find that out.

  • Leaves

Leaves are another common indicator that the tree may be dying. Trees that are unhealthy may have far fewer leaves than other trees that are nearby, and the leaves that do grow may be an entirely different shade than normal. The tree not shedding any dead leaves in autumn also means that there is something wrong with your tree.

When you are needing a Richmond tree removal company you can count on us for all of your arborist needs. Contact us by calling our number or emailing us. We respond faster to calls and will be able to schedule an estimate.


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