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About Tuckahoe

Tuckahoe, Virginia is a census-designated place located in Henrico County, Virginia, United States, with a population of 48,799. Tuckahoe is considered a western suburb of Richmond, Va. The place was named after the Tuckahoe Plantation, otherwise known as Historic Tuckahoe or simply as Tuckahoe. It is Thomas Randolph’s well-preserved example of a colonial plantation house and is particularly distinctive as a colonial prodigy house, as it sits along the James River.

The environment the residents live in is undeniably energetic, as well as a rich economy and great, strong education. There are also several other popular local historic sites in the area which creates a great atmosphere and mood for the community. As the aforementioned strong education, one of the popular schools in the area is the University of Richmond, a prestigious private liberal arts school, as well as the Douglas S. Freeman High School which is considered as a highly rated high school in the Commonwealth. The Neighborhoods are Mooreland Farms, Ziontown, Westbriar, Pinedale Farms, Canterbury, Sleepy Hollow, Wedgewood, Regency

If you are looking for things to do in Tuckahoe, Virginia, the is the Tuckahoe Family YMCA, located on Patterson Avenue on the west side of Parham Road. This facility offers heated pools, wellness programs, fitness training, and group sports like volleyball. This place is great for stress relief or trying out new things during your day off or vacation.

If shopping is more of your thing, there is also the Regency Square Mall. There are various, numerous things to try with over a hundred tenants of the place, as well as quite a number of bigger, major anchor stores. If you are quite adventurous and would like more outdoor stuff to do during your free time, then try renting out a boat at Swift Creek Lake in Pocahontas State Park, or maybe trying out fishing at Gregory’s Pond, a local fishing destination in Rockwood Park.

If you would live to enjoy food at Tuckahoe, Virginia, there is a large variety of cuisine to try out from the area’s restaurants, many of which are located along Patterson Avenue and Quioccasin Road. There are many dishes to choose from starting from American, Italian, Greek, to even Croatian, and many more.

Is Tuckahoe Va Safe?

The crime rate in Tuckahoe, Virginia is quite significantly lower than the average US city. In fact, based on some data, Tuckahoe belongs to the 81st percentile of safety, meaning there are only 19% of other cities safer than Tuckahoe and 81% more dangerous cities.

Is Tuckahoe VA A Good Place To Live?

Tuckahoe, Virginia is one of the best places to live in not just the Richmond area, but the entirety of Virginia. The various restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, as well as great quality education, puts it on top of the rankings.

What Is Tuckahoe In Virginia?

Tuckahoe refers to an upper-middle-class suburb to the west of Richmond and home to some of the most expensive homes in the Richmond area along with the neighboring sections of Richmond City and Goochland County. It is a place located in Henrico County.

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