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About Wakefield

Wakefield, Virginia is a town known as an incorporated town, this means that the town is a municipal corporation. Wakefield is located in Sussex County, Virginia, United States, and currently has a population of 11,554. Some of the widely known brands of Wakefield are the Virginia Diner, which opened in 1929. And is considered a refurbished railroad dining car along a dusty highway in southeastern Virginia. 

Virginia peanuts are one of the most prominently known products in Virginia Diner. The famous seasoned nuts, as well as chocolate candy confectionaries, are completely available for home deliveries across the country. They are boasted for being delicious and healthy, perfect for gourmets or food enthusiasts, they can even be wholesome, heart-warming gifts. They offer various sets, even customizable sets at that, perfect for gifting your loved ones and family.

There are also the Airfield Conference and 4-H Educational Center, as well as the National Weather Service and Weather Forecast Office for Eastern Virginia, both of which are responsible for issuing weather alerts for the entire region. Although they may both very well be physically located outside the town limits.

The town of Wakefield still has its rural, small-town charm from back before its older days. Even with that, business is still blooming. Along Railroad Avenue and U.S. Route 460, there are still businesses that continue to serve the locals, residents of Sussex as well as the surrounding neighboring counties, including the traveling public from all areas of the United States. With the popularity of the Virginia Diner, agriculture seems to still be the most prominent industry in the Wakefield area.

What Is Wakefield Va Known For?

Wakefield’s prominent Virginia Diner is quite known for its peanuts, therefore, the place in itself is only natural to be famous for being the “Peanut Capital of the World”. There are also several other things Wakefield Virginia is known for which are the as well as the site of Airfield Conference and 4-H Educational Center. It is also home to the National Weather Service and Weather Forecast Office for Eastern Virginia, which issues weather alerts for the region.

What Is There To Do In Wakefield VA?

There are various, numerous products and companies that use the popular Virginia peanuts as a basis, one of these famous places is Plantation Peanuts of Wakefield, which is famous for the unmatched, crunchy, perfectly seasoned Plantation Peanuts they offer. There are also various inns such as the Smithfield Inn, as well as restaurants, wineries, and many more.

Is Wakefield Va Safe?

Wakefield Virginia is actually a very safe place. According to Crimegrade, the crime rate in Wakefield is much lower than that of an average US city. It could also be said that only 3% of other cities are safer than Wakefield Va, while 97% are much more dangerous. 

Is Wakefield VA A Good Place To Live?

Wakefield is considered one of the best places to live in Virginia, especially with the abundant restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, as well as highly rated public schools.

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