What Are The Most Common Trees In Virginia

Red Maple Tree
Virginia has quite an amount of places that have beautiful sceneries and greeneries. Aside from the shrubs and other small plants, there is quite a variety of different types of trees to be seen in Virginia. There are small, cute trees, tall, beautiful trees, even some trees that could bear fruit or flowers.  By knowing these different types of trees, you may also learn about the difference between their bark, seeds, leaves, and other parts. As there are a lot of different trees in Virginia, here are just some of them:

Red Maple 

In Virginia, this type of tree has actually become quite the popular backyard tree. This tree has redbuds and three-lobed leaves in the beautiful shade of scarlet. Due to its flowers and stalks, it makes quite a rewarding spot in the neighborhood. Since it is quite common, pruning this type of tree has also been done a lot. Red Maple Tree(Photo taken by NetPS Plant Finder)  


There are also the Hickory trees. This tree is a type of walnut tree, the leaves from this tree are commonly five to 17 long narrow leaves, these also grow in pairs from the stalk that has a single leaflet sticking out from the top. The nuts from these trees have a woody outer husk. There are also ridges in vertical patterns along with the bark. These trees also often require pruning as they grow quite tall and wide. Hickory Tree In Virginia(By DCR-DNH, Gary P. Fleming)

Green Ash

This tree is also known as the Fraxinus pennsylvanica. This type of tree is quite small that also has bright green leaves with seven leaflets and also an ash-gray to brown bark with interlacing ridges are qualities of this common local tree. To find Green Ash, it is quite common to look for samara pods with wings hanging in clusters.

Other Oak Trees 

There are also quite a variety of oak trees in Virginia such as the over the cup, black, chestnut, and white oak varieties, the most popular types are usually the thick barked, acorn bearing trees.

Pine Trees From Virginia

Aside from those trees, there is also a rather fair amount of pine tree species found in Virginia. There may even be some that look quite similar, and some that are completely unique and different from the others. Here are some of the pine trees from Virginia:

Pitch Pine Trees

These Pitch Pine Trees are actually quite easy to spot since the red coloring is kind of unique in its own way. Although when a tree is young, the twigs and branches have quite a brownish-yellow color, as the tree matures, this color would quickly turn to a reddish-brown color. The needles of this tree are also stiff and unbendable, in addition, the dark green strikes a contrast with the red branches. Pitch Pine Trees

Eastern White Pine Trees

This pine tree is well-known, especially in northern and western Virginia. This tree is known for being the tallest conifer tree species native to the Northeast, with an estimated height of 75 to 150 feet. This pine tree is also known to live long, with some believing it could even reach up to 450 years. There is also no need to wait too long to see its gorgeous tall structure. Eastern White Pine Trees


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