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Tree trimming companies are oftentimes called during emergencies, after all, people are likely to leave the trees on their property unattended. Without the proper care that trees need, they may turn out weak, easily collapsing, or destroying themselves. Since they are weak, they are more susceptible to storms, heavy winds, or some other strong weather.

Whatever the case may be, whether it is caused by stormy weather or something like that, it is still important to learn and be familiar with the emergency situations that you may or may not come across in the future.

Some Signs That Emergency Tree Services Are Needed

It can sometimes be hard to spot any damaged or broken tree branches through the leaves. It is also hard to discern whether the tree is just leaning normally or not. In which case, here are some signs that may help you spot some problems:

  • Fungus At The Roots. Spotting some fungus would be quite easy, and as it is on the roots, nothing much would be covering them. The roots are essentially the main support for a tree. But when there are mushrooms that are growing at the base of the tree, it may be an indication of root disease and internal rot. It is best to have an expert examine and evaluate the tree to see if there may be any problems.
  • If The Tree Is Near Any Power Lines. A common problem with unkept trees is when they grow too close to the power lines. They may even sometimes seem far enough but in some cases, that may not be the case. When the weather is wet, electricity may arc as much as ten feet to wet tree foliage and ground out, this could lead to power outages, or in worst cases, even property damage. If you may have the same problem, don’t recklessly attempt to trim or prune trees, especially near power lines. It is advisable to look for specialists, in case of problems like these in Richmond you should give us a call.
  • Visible Trunk Damage. If some damages are hard to spot, there are also some that are quite visible. This applies to the trunk of the tree. There could be cavities and cracks on the trunk. There are some cases where large pieces of the bark are missing, this could mean that the tree is no longer structurally sound.

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Why Call Our Emergency Tree Removal Arborist

  • After Heavy Storms. Storms are quite the obvious reasons for tree emergencies. After a heavy rain, storm, or hurricane, it is always best to make sure and inspect your property for any damage to trees or even your home. There could be trees leaning against another tree, or a structure that is in need of immediate action.
  • Fallen Tree. There could be multiple reasons for trees to fall, by weather or illness, but in most cases, they fall without warning. If a tree has fallen, the people around should make sure that no one is injured, if so, medical help should be first priority. Tree care companies should then be contacted to remove the fallen tree.

If such cases were to happen in Richmond Va, you may call us and count on us to take care of the problem as soon as possible.

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