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About Mechanicsville

Mechanicsville, Virginia is considered a census-designated place, as well as an unincorporated area; this means that this region is not necessarily governed by a local municipal corporation. Mechanicsville is located in Hanover County, Virginia, United States, and is currently populated by 37,674 residents. The top sights are Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond Raceway, James River Cellars Winery, Bryan park

People that are looking for a great place to live in, with a great education, as well as comfortable weather, would be attracted to Mechanicsville. The comfortability in the area is described to be September, May, and October being the most pleasant months, meanwhile, January and February being the least comfortable months. With Mechanicsville being 6 miles away from Richmond, Va, residents are still able to work comfortably in Richmond. 

The area actually has a strong connection to history and the American Civil War as dating back to the 17th century, the site was included in several Civil War battles. Some residents in the area may even feel that the place is a deeply American place to live in because of this connection and correlation. 

Some may be looking to satisfy their boredom with some interesting stuff as well as fill their stomach and satiate their hunger, in which case, there are various and numerous ranges of food styles that you may enjoy, from Mexican, Italian, Thai, Chinese, and even American. To keep in mind, in the 2000 census, the population was said to be 30,464 and raised to 36,348 during the 2010 census, although the place used to be more rural, due to the effects of the raised population, businesses started to pop up.

Pole Green Park is a recreational area, and one of the largest in Hanover County. It may be due to the Civil War involvement but has kept with the place’s significance in history, the National Register of Historic Places lists many cultural sites from Mechanicsville. There is also the Cold Harbor Battlefield which is a famous destination for taking its visitors down into the trenches of Civil War combat. There is also the Cold Harbor National Cemetery, which offers tribute for those that have died in the war and dwell upon the nation’s history.

What Is Mechanicsville VA Known For?

Mechanicsville is now known for being one of the sites of the Richmond National Battlefield Park. It was the site of numerous battles during the American Civil War and has the Cold Harbor National Cemetery, which was constructed on the site of the American Civil War Battle of Cold Harbor.

Is Mechanicsville Virginia A Good Place To Live?

Mechanicsville is considered one of the best places to live in Virginia. Mechanicsville is actually quite known for its access to high-quality education, this includes high graduate rates, as well as low drop-out rates. The place is most certainly suitable and would likely please the families and children.

Is Mechanicsville VA Safe?

The crime rates in Mechanicsville seem to be considerably low based on some data. It states that the violent crime rates in Mechanicsville are lower than the Virginia average with Mechanicsville being 1.75 and Virginia having 2.08.

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