How To Do Tree Removal Yourself 

Tree removal is not an easy feat, having said that, there may still be people that would like to take care of any home improvement projects by themselves such as this one. It is still possible to do tree removal by yourself, although there are some cautions to follow. It is quite known that if there is a need to use a ladder in order to reach and remove the tree limbs, then that tree may be too big for you to remove all by yourself.

Even with the proper safety equipment and high-quality tools or gear, there is just no way a ladder and chainsaw would go together. Even for professionals, it’s quite terrifying to see someone go up a ladder with a chainsaw at hand. DIY may be a good idea for other home improvement plans, but as far as tree removal goes, it isn’t worth hurtings yourself and spending money on medical bills and possible repairs. The ways to remove a tree by yourself are only applicable to smaller trees.

Do-It-Yourself Tree Removal 

It could be tiring to call for professionals just to remove a small tree, yes? If the tree is small enough to not need the use of a ladder and is far enough not to hit any surrounding structure or powerlines, then it can be easily and safely removed. If you may not be sure about the safety and the situation, you may also consult or get assistance from a certified arborist just to get ready for the project. Here are some steps that may help with the removal of a small tree:

  1. A usual trick that can easily be done to ease up smaller tree removal is making sure to water it the day before cutting it so that there would be not many problems digging up the soil.
  2. For every inch of the tree trunk, plan to dig 6 feet deep to be able to reach the entire root system. There may also be a need to dig around the tree’s roots.
  3. You may then wiggle the root ball out by using some sort of leverage. If the roots are still fine, you may also just move or transplant the tree somewhere else, if wanting to dispose of it, you may use a chainsaw to cut it up. Make sure to have proper gears including earplugs, eyeglasses, gloves, and such to ensure safety.


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