What To Consider Before Receiving Stump Grinding In Richmond

Stump grinders are an essential tool for tree care companies to have. Similarly, stump grinding services are also important. Even if the tree was cut down normally, started dying naturally, or destroyed by a strong storm, there would always be a stump left on site. In fact, commonly these days, if a tree is removed or a stump is requested to be rid of, stump grinding is usually the recommended method by most tree care companies. As mentioned in preview blogs, stump grinding is quite important and there are numerous reasons why stump grinding should be done. Even so, there may still be a lot of questions surrounding these stump grinding services. Here are some facts and things to consider before getting stump grinding.

What Happens To The Wood After Grinding

The stump grinding process may take 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the stump, the location, and more. Naturally, when stumps are ground, small pieces of wood should be left out. A great part of stump grinding is that there is technically zero mess left on the site of work. Although they may just seem like wood chips, there are quite a number of things that can be done with them. People would normally use these chips as mulch for the plants on their property. Another thing to be done with these chips is to put them in the stump hole to decay. It should be taken note that since the stump would be ground, there would still be a hole left to be filled. As said, the chips could be used to fill in this hole, or soil could even be imported to fill it up.

Is Stump Grinding The Same As Stump Removal?

Although stump grinding and stump removal have the same goal, which is to get rid of a stump, it actually has different approaches and processes when it comes to removing the stump. Stump grinding requires the equipment “stump grinder” which basically turns the stump into chips of wood. It is usually considered the more efficient method as it leaves a smaller hole and less mess compared to other methods of removal. Meanwhile, the standard stump removal will involve digging out the whole stump from the ground, meaning that the damage and mess it would take is much greater. It uses an “excavator” tool to remove the stump. Since it requires digging out the stump, it would usually not be able to remove stumps near any areas with structures or even driveways and walkways as the roots below may damage the area. Although it is quite known that it leaves fewer roots and is a good method for getting rid of numerous tree stumps and landscaping the area afterward.

Renting A Stump Grinder

Although there are some smaller, lightweight stump grinders that could be rented, it is needless to say that stump grinding can be dangerous. Even with proper equipment to protect yourself from noise and flying debris, injuries should still be considered. Renting machinery could also backfire as there is no guarantee the machine is actually usable or safe to use.


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