Things To Do In Richmond Va This Weekend

Things To Do In Richmond Virginia

Richmond is known as Virginia’s capital, and with this title, comes high expectations for visitors or newcomers, Richmond certainly lives up to those expectations. The capital of Virginia has already garnered a resounding reputation for being a great, family-friendly, fun, and natural place, which most certainly will not bore you. Of course, there are countless, enjoyable things to do in Richmond, and to help you list some of these things, continue on reading.

American Civil War Museum

Museums are a classic, especially when it comes to travel guides. Richmond has its fair share of contributions to the country’s history. This also applies to the American Civil War. The American Civil War Museum is a way to commemorate this important piece of U.S. history. If you or someone in your group is interested in some history, then this place is a great place to learn a bit more about them. It would be nice to learn how it was like to live and fight during this time.

The American Civil War Museum itself has three different sections, these are the main part of the museum, the White House of the Confederacy, which was the home of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, as well as the Museum of the Confederacy. Each different section and part of the museum would most certainly satisfy any curious minds with interest in the Civil War.

Even if you’re not much of a history buff, there are still many kinds of incredible items from the Civil War that can be found there. Even without interest in history, many museums showcase many fantastic and cool items such as old weapons that would surely awaken the people’s curiosity. This place is one of the most fantastic sites in all of Virginia and it is especially recommended for those with an interest in history.

Metro Richmond Zoo

Another classic and wonderful site to visit would be zoos. The Metro Richmond Zoo, located in Virginia, is also considered one of the best zoos in the country. This zoo has nearly 200 unique animal species that live and communicate, showcased within their facilities. Conservation for vulnerable species is also widely promoted in this zoo.

Your desires and expected experiences should be well satisfied by the Metro Richmond Zoo as it has all kinds of animals. This statement is not at all exaggerated, this zoo houses monkeys, lions, pythons, and many more. Not to mention that the zoo also helps keep the endangered species alive with their own special breeding. Visiting this zoo is highly recommended as it will not only allow you to experience many fun new things, but it can also be educational.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

With a place that spans more than 50 acres, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is open to the public year-round and offers an array of spectacular flora, specialty and themed gardens, and a classic conservatory. There are also some of the most amazing landscapes to be witnessed, as well as library cafes and tea house restaurants to relax in. Even with that, there are at least 11 sites you can explore. 

What’s more, visitors can bask in the beauty of the themed gardens, which include the Asian Valley, Cochrane Rose Garden, Cherry Tree Walk, and a Children’s Garden. The place is really nice since visitors may learn all about the garden’s wondrous collections while enjoying the world-class botanical displays and taking in the striking surrounding natural beauty. When looking at travel guides for Richmond Va, this garden would never disappear from the lists.

Not to mention, it is a great place to visit when traveling with kids. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s two restaurants, the Garden Cafe or the Robins Tea House also provides beautiful settings and fresh, seasonal menus. Everyone may enjoy the sight of thousands of exotic and rare plants from all over the world and take home a memento of the gardens home from the gift shop.

Virginia State Capitol

Since Richmond is Virginia’s capital, it is somewhat required for them to show that they live up to the name. And the Virginia State Capitol is one of the finest in the nation. This facility displays the rich southern history and clearly it also clearly shows why the people of Richmond have so much fondness for their city.

The Virginia State Capitol is a pioneer in multiple respects. The Monumental Classical design, the choice of Thomas Jefferson, has become the standard. There is a 20-minute visually interactive film about Virginia’s central role in American history called Keepers of the Flame. In the whole western part of the world, Virginia General Assembly is also the longest-running legislative body. 

Naturally, aside from the beautiful Monumental Classical style architecture of the site itself, which paved the way for the design of countless government buildings after that the place also displays how some of the best politicians in Virginia’s history worked together. The place holds all kinds of information about this important state. There are also hundreds of years of history that are within these walls, and there are sure to be hundreds more.

Science Museum Of Virginia

The Science Museum of Virginia certainly does not only make learning fun but also makes the experience come alive. In fact, the place is also considered as is one of the best science museums in the country.  It is a facility that is dedicated to inspiring the community to take an interest in science and use it to enrich their lives.

Even with its educational purpose, it is still one of the most fun and enriching experiences you can have on a vacation. The facility doesn’t fail to show the beauty of science as it involves so many things. The museum display physics, chemistry, biology, and many more. The wonderful Virginia museum provides minds of all kinds and all ages with inspiration while satisfying all of their curiosity. The museum offers abundant experiential exhibits, dynamic displays, interactive technologies, and hands-on programs that challenge visitors to open their minds to new ideas.

There are many permanent exhibitions such as displays that focus on space, electricity, health, and the earth. They are also laid out in many vast gallery spaces. The museum is home to The Dome, a 76-foot amphitheater housing Virginia’s largest movie screen that screens a range of space and science-related films. Visit the museum and go through various exhibits and interactive displays to help them get their minds opened even more.

Richmond Food Tours

Naturally, when traveling, it is only normal to be curious about what the local food tastes. And so, experience the best of Richmond’s cuisine with a Real Richmond Food Tour would never disappear on the list of fun things to do. Richmond’s burgeoning food scene encompasses the spirit of the city, and Real Richmond’s two-and-a-half-hour walking tour takes you into its very heart and is actually praised by many top gourmands and aficionados.

When talking about food tours, it usually includes some visits to several popular eateries with tastings and samplings of their best fare. Sometimes, food tour-goers may also get an introduction to the history and culture of the city even while simply looking for tasty food to eat, in addition, there are many beautiful and wonderful architecture to be seen while touring.

When going on a food tour in Richmond, some of the most recommended is Both Sides of Broad: The Art & Soul of Richmond, Fan of the Food: Eateries & Art, Carytown/Museum District: Butchers, Bakers & Beyond, and Shockoe Slip: Capital of Cuisine. Private and custom-designed tours can also be arranged, and you may also try something different if it satisfies your curiosity.

Church Hill

One of the lushest, most vibrant parts of all of Richmond, is located near the downtown, which is Church Hill. The area is a historic, compact collection of neighborhoods with well-preserved 1800s architecture, gas-lit cobblestone streets, famous landmarks, and wonderful parks. In addition, the place also serves as the origin of Richmond, and learning how this area expanded into one of the most notable cities in all of the south is quite exciting.

However, the very experience of walking through this area is positively unmatched. Church Hill is historic, not only in age but also in look. However, while plenty of the buildings are more than 200 years old, they aren’t left to disappear. As it’s a part of Virginia history, Richmond does all it can to keep Church Hill in good shape. Walk along the James River, follow the Capital Trail, check out Shockoe Bottom, and eat in some great restaurants while watching people passing by.


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