What You Need To Know About Stump Grinding Services In Richmond

What To Know About Stump Grinding In Richmond

If a tree has been removed or cut down, it is only natural to remove the remaining stump. This is best done with the assistance of a tree stump removal company. Whenever contacting a professional to help with removing a decaying stump, most stump removal companies would likely recommend stump grinding if possible. There are numerous reasons why stump grinding should be done.

What Is Used During Stump Grinding Services?

Naturally, stump grinding cannot be easily done without the proper equipment and gear. The tool used to grind the stumps is called a Stump grinder. It is a heavy, powerful machine that usually looks like a lawnmower with a circular saw at the end. This machine is used to grind the stumps into tiny little pieces.

Incidentally, these tiny pieces of wood or other such materials may sometimes shoot out during the process, that is why some stump removal businesses are hired for the safety of the individual working and the surroundings. They also prepare some safety gear that could help them from flying smaller pieces of wood.

What Happens To The Stump?

After it is ground, it becomes small pieces of wood. These small pieces of wood can be used however the owner would like, some prefer to use it as mulch, some even use it to fill up the hole left behind and let it slowly grow grass and be buried. Although some people also prefer to just import some soil and let the grass grow over time.

What Is The Difference Between Stump Grinding And Removal

If you are looking for stump grinding and removal, you may already be wondering what the difference is. Stump grinding and removal are completely different from each other. Although they both serve the same purpose, they are two different ways of eliminating the stump. 

A full stump removal means digging the stump out from the ground. Since the whole process is technically taking the stump off by digging it, a hole from the removed stump would certainly appear. This hole would certainly be unattractive for the land and would, in the end, need to be filled with imported soil. 

Taking the roots off from a huge tree stump can also be problematic when using the stump removal method, not to mention that the distance between walkways, driveways, and other surrounding obstacles should be kept in mind to avoid damages

Is It Possible To Get Your Very Own Stump Grinder?

There are some stump grinders that are available for homeowners to rent out. These types of Stump grinders are much smaller and weaker than the ones used by professionals, most likely as a precaution since the real one is quite dangerous. When a normal homeowner is looking to rent out a stump grinder, the chances of finding different models and stronger ones are quite slim.

Since these rent-out stump grinders are quite smaller and weaker than the ones used by professionals, it would also mean that it will require more effort and most likely time to be wasted. There is also the fact that the machine cannot even handle the stump or doesn’t work well.

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